Detonator Update for Unity 4.x

Detonator has been dormant for a couple years but I’m starting to resurrect it. First step was to resolve some build and import problems that have cropped up as Unity itself has been updated underneath Detonator’s really old codebase. Version 1.2 is now live in the Asset Store. It unfortunately is set to use minimum version of Unity 4.5.3, which is my bad. I’m resubmitting today but you can just grab the proper version from here: Detonator 1.22 on my Dropbox.

Asset Store Link   |    Unity Forum Link
  • All of the supporting files have been converted to C#.
  • Fixed issue with a few textures getting interpreted incorrectly as normal maps on import.
  • Tuned up prefabs to look better
  • New skybox in test scene
Demo Scene (Unity Web Player) :

8 thoughts on “Detonator Update for Unity 4.x

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  2. Hey, the detonator stuff has a bug. I’m seeing a pink texture on the heatwave material thing.

    I’m a noob, but check it out. I just downloaded the code in Unity 4.6 and it’s obvious once you try the Test Scene.


  3. Hey Steve,

    Thanks for the heads up. I am unable to repro over here but am interested in helping you out.

    Which beta are you using? Also, is the background of the test scene blue or black? I did a test download from the Asset Store and one time got an old build… hopefully that was just something cached on my end.

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  5. Hi, I just downloaded 1.22, but I get the error below when compiling to an exe (not when running in the editor though). Any thoughts? Am I doing something wrong? Other than that, its a good package, thanks!

    Shader error in ‘HeatDistort’: ‘tex2Dproj’: no matching 2 parameter intrinsic function; Possible intrinsic functions are: tex2Dproj(sampler2D, float4|half4|min10float4|min16float4) at line 37

  6. Ben, yes the exe still runs and stuff explodes nicely. I wasn’t sure if it was a sign of an unseen problem. I’ve built about a dozen times and the message appears every time. Should I just ignore it?

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