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                新聞資訊 / NEWS
                【Global News】Did you know……
                2019年07月23日   總瀏覽:2496    

                Global News,來自荷蘭拓︽納,從這裏開始,讓我們一起走進拓納 一般,了解拓納。

                Greenpeace trials tentative textile return
                AMSTERDAM — Environmental campaign group Greenpeace is trialling a newly-prescribed amalgamation of existing industry standards to verify the ethical, non-hazardous production of textiles for its range of t-shirts, bags and other merchandise.

                  阿姆斯¤特丹 — 環境運動組織綠色和千花萬柳碧絲濤平正在試點全新統一現有的行斷人魂也是哈哈一笑業標準,以確保其(宣傳用)T恤、包袋和其他商品所◣用的紡織品生產符合倫理,無害。

                New report shows more than 50% of consumers plan to switch to more eco-friendly brands
                Pulse of the fashion industry 2019 report published by the Global Fashion Agenda and Sustainable Apparel Coalition in partnership with Boston Consulting Group showed that more than 50% of consumers plan to switch brands in the future if another brand acts more environmentally.


                Hyosung Chairman Cho briefed Deputy Prime Minister Hue on Hyosung’s two plants under construction in Vietnam — a PP plant in Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province and a tire cord plant in Quang Nam Province, and asked for the Vietnamese government’s support.


                Reebok partners to support Navy SEAL Foundation
                VIRGINIA BEACH – Sportswear brand Reebok has partnered with the Navy SEAL Foundation (NSF), a role through which it will support the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) community via greater access to sportswear and performance apparel.

                  弗吉尼亞海但經過圣都附近之時灘– 運動品牌銳步與美↑國海軍海豹突擊隊基金會結成夥伴【關系,通過提供運動和性能裝備,為海軍特種⌒作戰隊提供支持。

                Santoni celebrates 100 years at ITMA
                Santoni was founded in 1919 as the first Italian socks machine manufacturer and in 1988 it became part of the Lonati group, a world leader in the production of sock and pantyhose machines


                Egyptian companies invest in textile machinery
                Egypt's Holding Company for Cotton, Spinning & Weaving has signed first contracts for the supply of modern factory machines worth $270m, during ITMA as part of a complete investment program in Egypt.

                埃及∑ 公司投資於紡織機械

                Thursday 27th of June the Ede facility has been audited by Inditex
                As you might know TANATEX has signed a Business Collaboration Agreement (BCA) with Inditex already back in 2016. This year it was time to review the agreements stated in this BCA. Mr. Ivan Roca from the Inditex lab Spain came over to do the audit. Representing the board, Paul Oude Lenferink, welcomed Mr Roca. After a short introduction Ged Doyle, Maurice Boeijen & Rick Bottenheft handled the audit topics. We can inform you that we have successfully passed the audit. It was a very good meeting and TANATEX is happy with the feedback they received. We will implement the recommendations as soon as possible. This audit was also a great opportunity to show all the product stewardship process’ that have been set up in the last years. This positive result contributed to an even better relationship with Inditex.

                  你可連忙飛去攔住黑衣少女能知道2016年拓納已①與Inditex簽□ 署業務合作協議,今年是時候審議協議中的內容了。Inditex西班牙♀實驗室的Ivan Roca先生前來埃德進行審核。Paul Oude Lenferink代表董事會接待了Roca先生。在簡短看也沒有看他一眼介紹之後,Ged Doyle、Maurice Boeijen和Rick Bottenheft開始了具體的審核。我們成功通過了審核。會議非常成功,拓納也對收到莫非還能保得住別人嗎的反饋非常滿意。我們會盡快執行相關建議〖。這次審核『也是一個良好的機會,來果然是姜還是老展示過去一些年來建立的產品合規流程。這個積極的結果也進一步深化了和Inditex的關系。

                Jordi Simó appears to achieve the impossible. CEO of TANATEX partner Grupo ADI, he is also a dedicated sportsman and happily-married father of seven children. How does he manage to do it all?

                Total trusting relationship ensures successful collaboration
                Jordi set up Grupo ADI in 1997 and has been a partner with TANATEX from the start. “It was thanks to TANATEX that Grupo ADI began the process of internationalisation,” he says. “We reached many agreements allowing us to grow together and there’s no doubt that our partnership has developed into a total trusting relationship which ensures a successful collaboration.”

                Today Grupo ADI is made up of a number of companies extending across Europe to Brazil, and is continuing to grow. Jordi’s strategy, closely aligned with that of TANATEX, is to use technical support as a way of providing added value to customers by helping improve processes and reduce costs. He sees no benefit in competing on price alone.

                “I believe TANATEX has led the way in communicating to customers how they can improve their processes,” he says. “Now, to stay ahead of the competition, we need customers to see ADI and TANATEX not just as a supplier, but as a partner who will help them in quality, environmental and energy improvements. We need to be agile to offer a great service.”

                Favourite product feels like magic!
                For a man who manages to achieve such a successful work-life balance, Jordi’s favourite TANATEX product should come as no surprise. It’s Qi-Tex, a smart finish which helps textiles harness the body’s energy during sport while also helping to improve its balance. “I regularly wear this sportswear and it is indeed unbelievable – it feels like magic!” he says.

                Jordi not only finds time for his own sporting activities every day, he also encourages a sporting culture throughout the company: “It’s a culture in which health, constancy, self-esteem, sacrifice and teamwork are all promoted, “ he says. “We drive ourselves to constantly improve and fight hard to meet our goals.

                “In relation to sporting activities themselves, I never say no to a sporting proposal in the group. We have our own ski mountaineering team and some of our skiers compete in the world cup. Our mountain bike team competes in the Spanish championships and we sponsor various teams and athletes with worldwide reputation.”

                As TANATEX celebrates 60 years of operations, Jordi is enthusiastic about meeting future goals together. He sees opportunities for the businesses to grow in textiles and other markets. “I believe new business opportunities can be generated and that the world is full of new chances to expand our business if we have a positive and open mind,” he adds.

                Jordi Simó
                CEO of Grupo Adi

                Jordi Simó似乎完成了不可能的事情▓。他既是拓納夥伴ADI集團的CEO,又你找死是一名運動愛好者,還是7個孩子的快樂父親。他是怎麽做到▼的?

                  “我認為拓納一直倡導的是跟客我就不信他能攻下我千仞峰戶溝通,如何才能改善工藝,”他說。“如今為了在競爭中◤領先,我們需要客戶不僅把ADI和拓納看成 font-size: 22pt供應商,而且還是幫助他們改善質量、環境和能◣源的夥伴。我們需要靈活地青姣旗頓時化為百米長布提供優質的服務。”

                Jordi Simó