Hi my name's Ben Throop and this site is a collection of my work.

I'm a 10 year game industry veteran who has been a Senior Artist for Sony, a Lead Technical Artist for Vicarious Visions/Activision, and then founded a web startup called MrsRiley.com. Recently I've been working with the Unity3D engine on Web and iPhone titles. I specialize in all things 3D, technical art, special effects, and making games pretty and run fast.

Mostly though, I like blowing stuff up.



Cutscene FX for Vicarious Visions/Activision

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Detonator – Explosions for Unity3D

Created for the Unity Summer of Code 2009.

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AnimTex Animated Texture Builder

Create grid textures from movies.

Sleds_Thumb Arctic Thunder Sleds

Concept, Model, Texture

PaintOBB_Thumb Maxscript – PaintOBB

Create Collision Boxes From Mesh

mrsriley_ad1 MrsRiley.com

Site, Brand, and Ecommerce

PageBuilder_Shot Mrs. Riley’s PageBuilder

A Flex Application for the Autism Community

Pumps-1 Pumps!

Mechanical Modeling

Commando - Flat Female Commando

Personal Work

final_cne Carbon Nanotube Concept

For Scripps Institute, San Diego, CA

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